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Boring Carts London Pound Cake(Indica)


Boring Carts London Pound Cake

Experience a blissful escape from reality with Boring Carts London Pound Cake! This potent indica-dominant marijuana strain offers an unforgettable flavor of sharp lemon and citrus, backed by berry and grape notes. Enjoy a powerful head & body high that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed while relieving symptoms of fatigue and depression. Get the best of both worlds with London Pound Cake – great flavor and even better effects!


Butter, Vanilla, Lemon

Reported Effects:

Sleepy, Tingly, Relaxed






Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Limonene



Boring Carts London Pound Cake(Indica)

Get the ultimate relaxation experience with Boring Carts London Pound Cake! This indica-dominant strain packs a flavorful punch of berry and grape, backed by sharp lemon and citrus overtones. Enjoy an uplifting head and body high that will leave you feeling blissed out on the couch. London Pound Cake is perfect for relieving fatigue, depression, and other medical ailments. Get ready to experience total relaxation with London Pound Cake!



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